Cute Girl

Up-Front, Ethical Pricing

- Neurodivergent Coaching sessions are $25 for 60 minutes of peer support and coaching.

- Venting sessions are only $20 since I will give less advice, and just listen.

- Body Doubling sessions are only $15 since I will be working on some of my own work alongside you (we can chitchat and strategize of course, or sit in silence.)

- Other custom services will be decided and priced between us, but previous examples include:

  • business mentorship at $25/hour

  • random text venting at $5/week

  • organizational/admin work at $15-35/hour

  • reminders and affirmations sent 3x a week at $10/month

I offer these services at these prices but will ALSO negotiate on a sliding scale and provide FREE services upon request. Look on my Instagram or email me to see if my free and reduced client roster is open or closed.