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"A year ago, I was becoming frustrated with traditional therapy. I was paying a lot of money and not feeling like therapists understood what I was going through. After firing my last therapist, yet another old man I had absolutely NOTHING in common with, I came across Heidi's Instagram page. I had never heard of peer support, but I booked a free consultation. Heidi understands first-hand what it is like to struggle with these disorders and I finally feel heard. She helps me track my progress, stay excited about my goals, and find more resources to be the best version of myself. I look forward to our session every week and I'm so glad this service exists."

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From the Instagram Comment Section
User @sapphybara

"...In my experience, is more invested, provides more care, and gets more done than the ~15 health care "professionals" I've had to deal with who take $250 for 16 minutes only to ask the same questions covered on their silly little intake forms :/ . Thanks for all you do, and thanks for sharing your story."

Managing Home Finances

“Heidi offers a unique support that isn't often found out in the wild, not a therapist, or a doctor but a real person with real lived experiences, she offers a safe space with validation and honesty, a kind listening ear and reflective discussion, which really shows that she's genuinely invested in your wellbeing. I'm looking forward to continuing on with her and would recommend her to anyone 💚."

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"Heidi is committed to growth and healing. She knows the medical models for mental health treatment are contradictory to actual healing. She applies her knowledge, experience, and self-awareness to create a safe space to sort your troubles. She’s also not afraid to be wrong and is eager to learn when she is unfamiliar with something. This is the future of mental healthcare!"

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Coffee Shop Meeting

"At a very stressful time in my life, I found Heidi on Twitter just as she was starting her business. Most fantastic find of my life. Thank goodness she touched base with me after the ADHD moment of saying hey, I want to book a session and failing to schedule it.

Compared to the many doctors and therapists who have told me I needed to try harder and get a planner, Heidi has outshined every single one. Each time I finish a session with her, I have a game plan, am energized, and feel like we have identified any possible snags, so the plan moves smoothly to completion. I wish I could body-double with her every day. Booking sessions with her is a game changer, and I feel incredibly fortunate I found her.

If you're on the fence about whether or not you should book with her, this is your sign. Make that appointment NOW!"

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Strong Woman

"What a pleasure it was virtually getting to know Heidi. She has such a pleasant personality and is full of patience which is much needed for old heads like me lol. Heidi taught me the basics of creating reels  by being very thorough, knowledgeable, and patient. She was very detailed and did not move to step B until I was comfortable with step A. Thanks a bunch Heidi. It is my pleasure to write a review for such an amazing young lady."

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Enjoying the View
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"I just can't say enough.

I'm more intentional about my mornings and you reaffirmed my own belief in my choices, and your support and kindness was so appreciated.

You are an amazing person and I look forward to diving into another session with you!"

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"Heidi has been great to me, she has helped me as no other person has helped me. I know that she really cares about me and when I need her the most she is there for me. She is very sweet and the right person for me. She accepts my problems, my ND, and my flaws. I have her to thank for keeping me sane! If you need help contact her. I recommend her 100%!"


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Meet Change & Charm

Another way to see my reviews is via Google! I am listed and users can leave an unedited review with a 1-5 star rating about me and my services here:

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"Heidi is so much more than a coach or mentor. I can honestly call her a friend. From the very first time we started our session with each other, she's been nothing but warm and welcoming. As a guy we really don't talk about our mental health, and the effect it can have on us. With the help of Heidi, talking about those touchy topics, feels so damn good to get it off my chest each time. She only wants to see the best out of me even though I can't see it. That's huge, you just don't see that much nowadays... and I'm truly blessed to have Heidi on my side!"

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Motivational Speaker

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"Meeting Heidi at a time I needed someone the most was a blessing. Her advice and tips helped me view my work and personal care in a new light. It also helped me gain back some motivation in my life too.

She was kind enough to give me options for our communication that would allow me to feel safe and comfortable and I absolutely adored that!

Heidi goes out of her way to check in on her clients every so often, asking how they are doing and feeling. I am someone who is emotionally sensitive, lonely and has a lot of anxiety, so having someone like Heidi who checks in on me and treats me as friend was everything I could have ever asked for.

I am beyond grateful to have found someone like Heidi who lives to help others and supports them every step of the way. She strives to help her clients become a healthier version of themselves and does not give up on them at all.

If you want someone who will be honest, caring and supportive towards you or any problems you may be facing, Heidi is only a call or email away!  Thank you so much Heidi for helping me out. I look forward to speaking with you again if I ever need to!"

Thank you for your kind review!

"Heidi is a sweet soul, and she will have you answering questions you never thought to ask yourself in 30 years. And her free sessions have been a life-SAVER!!! I am so grateful I get to talk to her every week, and I would pay her triple if I could."

Couple in Nature

"Heidi! Thank you so much for sitting down with us and talking through our retirement! We were amazed at the questions you thought to ask, and we love the plan you made with us. We already went on our first motorcycle ride in a YEAR after only one day of speaking with you. THANK YOU!"

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