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Get to Know Me!

"Anxiety was always a part of my life. When I got my OCD, PTSD, and Bipolar diagnoses, and THEN my late Autism + ADHD diagnosis, things started to make sense... but life was still hard."

After a full year of self-reflection (and mental health care too,) Heidi switched from regular college student to small business owner, and discovered her knack for truly listening and giving personal advice (that actually seemed to work!)

Although she was unable to become a music teacher or a therapist due to ableist secondary education circumstances, she trained for Peer Support and developed a couple offerings that allowed her to help the Neurodivergent and Queer community through Venting and Body Doubling. All through the lens of lived experience.

She says she is, "extremely devoted to helping people at low costs so they can reach their full potential," without having to deal with the "completely ableist and classist coaching/mental heath scene," that she sees around her.

Her personal life may or may not involve a lovable white cat named Goose and a loving partner in Denver, Colorado in the United States. She loves to read (and is a real know-it-all if you ask around!) She listens to almost all genres of music but 60's/70's and Classical music are usually higher up on her Spotify wrapped!

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About Change & Charm

What do we do? How do we do it?

Well, first of all, it's just me, Heidi. I run the whole business start to finish, including the session and events. I created this site while recovering from difficult mental health circumstances, and I hope from the bottom of my heart that it reflects all the work I've put into it. I price sessions at $22, $30, $45, and sliding scale down to a whopping $5/hour, so that everyone that wants to try peer support can have a chance to. In the consultation we will decide on a number whether that's full price, mid-range, or $5 for 60 minutes. Pay what you can, no questions asked. Most people pay 75% of full price, but I hope to collaborate with you no matter your budget until my schedule is too full to do so.

In my spare time, I undergo trainings, have been pursuing my Peer Support Certification, and stay in my lane regarding mental illness treatment (which I don't offer). I practice Neurodivergent Affirming and non-hierarchal sessions that are just focused on ND connection and community, and I am thrilled to offer the emotional support sessions, body-doubling hours, and Peer Coaching.

Change & Charm Support is a growing business, and I'm committed to my mission of helping as many other people as I can through the philosophy of peer support and my lived experience. Thank you for supporting that!

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