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Welcome! Please, make yourself at home. I am so glad you're here!

My name is Heidi, and I am a Peer Specialist (in training) working to help others with my diagnoses, with a focus on Gen Z! You must be at least a little curious if you're here, so look around and book a session anytime you like using the main menu. Talk to you soon!

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Ways to Work with Me

I'm ready whenever you are, (even if your nerves aren't!)

First and foremost, Change & Charm is about accessibility and inclusivity. That's why we offer not only Google Meet video calls and phone calls, but also texting, typing, voice messages, AAC, long form typing, and chatting infrequently or over longer periods of time (if aggreed upon).

Whether you're disabled (like me!) nervous to talk on the phone, or you just communicate better in writing, simply choose whichever option you like. No questions asked!

*Full list of accommodations is much larger and ever changing.

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