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Ways to Contact Me

Email me at

DM me on Instagram

Text or Call me at (512)-666-4761

Working Hours: 10am-7pm Mondays & Wednesday-Saturday (CST)

Contact Hours: During Work Hours but WILL VARY

** texting and calling is ENCOURAGED but will NOT be returned immediately.

Contact & FAQ: Welcome
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What people usually ask me about appointments, Peer Support, and Neurodivergent Coaching services.

Contact & FAQ: FAQ

Are appointments online or do I have to go to Austin, Texas?

All sessions are online only! I have my location on for legal reasons, but we will only communicate virtually. Great question!

What time zone are you in?

I am in Central Standard Time (CST) in the US. I am always open to international clients and time zone differences, just check to make sure we both have the right time scheduled!

What is Peer Support exactly?

Click here to view my description of all three types of sessions on the Services page! If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.

How can I support Goose (the adorable white cat)?

Goose is highly privileged and please don't feel obligated to buy her treats! However, many patrons ask, and she now has her own donation link. All donations will receive a personalized thank you card from Goose herself!

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