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Ways to Contact Me

Email me at

DM me on Instagram

Text or Call me at (512)-666-4761

Book a Consultation or Session on this website

Working Hours: 10am-6pm Mondays & Wednesday-Saturday (MST)


** texting and calling is ENCOURAGED but will NOT be returned immediately. No crisis or emergency messages are permitted.

Communications will be returned in the order they are received, when possible for me to do so. Please remember I may be in session with other clients, or attending to my own disability/mental health needs.

No harassment of any kind. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. I reserve the right to terminate the peer or client relationship at any time for any reason. I will not tolerate illegal acts against me or my business and all instances will be reported to the police or my lawyer when appropriate.

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What people usually ask me about appointments, Peer Support, and Neurodivergent Coaching services.

Are appointments online or do I have to go to Denver, Colorado?

All sessions are online only! I have my location the website on for legal reasons, but we will only communicate and meet virtually. Sessions are primarily held on Google Meet video, or over a phone call. I also have options for using facetime, zoom (in 40 minute increments), text, and other methods. Just let me know your preference and if it changes.

What time zone are you in?

I am in Mountain Standard Time (MST) in the US, or GMT-7. I am open to international clients and time zone differences, just check to make sure we both have the right time scheduled!

How and when do I pay? And how do I pay my sliding scale price if it's not listed?

How to pay: you have multiple options!

If you book a session through the website at full price, it will prompt you to pay at checkout right after you book. It will give you options for a credit or debit card, or paypal. If you book a session through me, you can wait for your invoice at the end of the month and pay the invoice through the website link I send out. You may also use my paypal link, use my venmo link, or request an invoice for each session. Sometimes I will create a unique session listing on the website but I have had trouble with website bugs in the past.

When to pay: you have multiple options!

Some people pay weeks in advance when they book their session. Some people pay the day before, or the day of. Some people pay after the session is completed. Some people like to pay a monthly invoice. Some people are late paying, and there are no fees for that as well as extensions available. Some people like to tip or over-pay, and that is of course welcome at any time in the process!

My sliding scale price (or pay-what-you-can price) is not listed in the sessions! What do I do?

Not to worry! We will book your sessions through me instead of the website, or you can always book your session by choosing a free consultation here on the website, and then writing in the booking message that it is not a consult but a full 60 minute $17 session (or whatever your price is.) I'll notice it's you right away and I always read the booking messages. Whatever happens, you will not get lost in the shuffle (I book most of my sessions manually anyway) and we will make a plan on the easiest way for you to pay and schedule!

How can I support the work you do and/or Goose (the adorable white cat)?

Goose is highly privileged and please don't feel obligated to buy her treats! However, many patrons ask, and she now has her own donation link. All donations for the business will be directed here, if you are looking for a donation receipt please email me at

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